Colored Contacts FAQs

A box of lenses contains a pair of lenses for both eyes (2 lenses). Meaning if you want to purchase 1 pair, select quantity “1” to place order. Likewise, select “2” for 2 pairs of lens.
Yes, select your right prescription for left and right eye before add to cart.
Express shipping will take around 7-12 days depending on the country region. For detailed information on our shipping lead times and schedule, click here:
It may be that there are not enough items in the cart to use the discount code (as each promotion structure is different), please check the promotion base correctly. Some promo codes can also only be used 1 time. Of course, we are more than happy for you to contact us for reconfirmation.
No. We do not provide solutions. However, you can easily get it at your local drugstore or pharmacy. If you are not sure what brand to choose, here’s some suggestion:
Alcon Opti-Free, Clean Clear, Bausch & Lomb, ReNu, Complete, and many others including store brands. Prices range from 7 – 15 dollars per bottle. Just make sure the soaking solutions is for soft contact lenses.
If you already have a valid contact lens prescription, no examination is necessary. Otherwise, it is recommended that you obtain a valid prescription from your optometrist or dispensing optician before placing your order, as there is some degree conversion above -4.00 degrees for contact lenses and frames, please refer to: 
If your prescription is still valid, but you begin to notice some changes in your vision, we also recommend that you should be re-examined.
For mild astigmatism, prescription conversion is available and can be referred to:, For high astigmatism ( More than 1.00 ), please refer the astigmatism collections.
To a certain extent, yes, circle lenses will blend in to your natural eye color, so there may have slight difference compare the pictures you saw on our website. (As you know, every people eye color is different). These pictures are only meant to give you an idea of how the colored contact lens will look on the eyes. They cannot be an exact representation because your underlining eye color has some effect as does the color values of your monitor.
Most of our lenses have a yealy disposeable life cycle, of course it all depends on your maintenance, proper wear and care, daily cleaning and no protein deposits. Of course, we also provide daily disposeable, monthly disposeable, usually daily disposeable is more comfortable and hygienic, but also more expensive.
No, saline is not used to sterilize round lenses. You should soak round lenses in a multipurpose disinfectant solution, eg. Alcon Opti-Free, Clean Clear, Bausch & Lomb, ReNu, Complete, etc. But remember not to mix different brands of multipurpose solutions.
It is recommended to change your lens case every 2~3 months to minimize the bacteria infection in the case.
First of all, always use multiple purpose solutions to clean and remove protein.
  • Don’t put damaged circle lens in your eyes because this will damage your cornea
  • Don’t apply makeup before inserting your circle lens
  • Don’t use saline to disinfect and soak your lens
  • Don’t allow soaps, cosmetics, etc. to reach with your circle lens
  • Don’t mix lens with saliva
  • Don’t mix different brand of solution
  • Don’t share your lens with other people
  • Don’t repeatedly take your lens in and out throughout the day
  • Don’t rinse or store circle lens in water (tap or sterile water)