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Wonderland Series Colored Contact Lenses

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(14) Original price was: $34.95.Current price is: $18.95.
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
(19) Original price was: $34.95.Current price is: $18.95.
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Colored Contacts Usage Tips

Welcome to Colored Contacts Store! We are a professional online retailer of colored contact lenses (for the world) and our mission is to provide our customers with inexpensive and safe solutions for changing their eye color. Our colored contacts are perfect for helping customers get a wide selection of natural eye colors and adding a little extra detail to role play and Halloween costumes. You can find a wide range of styles and qualities in our colored contact lens listings; so be sure to browse our complete collection to find the absolute perfect lens for you, while we offer a selection of prescription collections from 0.00 to -12.00.
Colored Contact Lenses
The amazing and wonderful thing about colored contact lenses is that they come in thousands of designs, colors and patterns, and can find a style to match every scene and mood. In particular, they provide an interpretation that makes the look perfect for those who like to wear makeup. Often the most popular way to use colored contact lenses is to completely change your natural eye color with your mood and outfit as you go about your daily life! If you are tired of your natural eye color, then why not treat yourself with some of our products, which I am sure will do the trick for you.
We all know that the health and safety of our customers' eyes is of paramount importance to us, which is why we ensure that we only customize the highest quality contact lenses from the most professional contact lens manufacturers. Our strict product quality control requires smooth edges, perfect printing, use of sandwich construction to protect the pigments from leaking, good oxygen permeability, resistance to blue light and UV rays, and more. If you have been browsing the Internet, you may find that there are many sellers of colored glasses, but we must be a very trustworthy seller because the core of our business is Customer First.
FDA/CE Contact Lens Certification: All of the products we sell are manufactured in accordance with FDA/CE consumer regulations. This means that all of our contact lenses are made from the highest quality materials. All of our costume lenses are FDA/CE approved for Halloween contact lenses, which means your eyes are sure to be safe when you enjoy using contact lenses during the holidays.
Best Tinted Contact Lenses: We only work with reputable and professional tinted contact lens manufacturers and refuse any agents and middlemen to keep the prices reaching our customers at the lowest possible level. They produce reliable and fashionable colored contact lenses that are sure to please you. Please check back regularly for our best sellers and keep up with the trends on our website.
Fast, free worldwide shipping: We offer free shipping worldwide, please check Shipping Policy for product shipping times specifically!
We are always here to advise and assist you in the daily care of your colored contact lenses. Our service goes beyond providing you with high quality, great looking lenses. With a very large selection of personalized contact lens cases and protein-free deposit cleaning solutions, you can keep everything in order when it comes to maintaining your lenses. For information on our colored contact lenses, eye health and safety, and how to use colored contact lenses, see our comprehensive care guide.
Buy colored contact lenses online in the USA
Our website's collection of stylish colored contact lenses is available in a variety of natural-looking designs and classic collections, and includes a wide range of natural effect shades. These colored contact lenses are the perfect cosmetic addition to your makeup kit. The most popular natural color collections currently available are as follows.
    • Hazel contact lenses
    • Blue Contact Lenses
    • Brown Contact Lenses
    • Green Contact Lenses
    • Gray contact lenses
In addition to these natural colored contact lenses, you can always check out the large selection of purple, violet, black and silver lenses that offer a unique and alternative expression. We think you'll be spoiled for choice when you purchase natural colored contact lenses from us.
When it comes to natural tinted colored contact lens designs, customers always ask us about the eye color coverage of natural tints. There are many lenses with both light and dark natural tints, so it can be difficult to determine which lens is best for you. We currently offer trial results for light, dark and brown eye colors, so you can refer to your own eye color for reference.
PS: The tinting used in the manufacture of the lenses ensures that you get full color conversion without the natural shades coming through. While colored contacts for dark eyes do produce a more blocky design, the detail in the iris ensures that the effect is as realistic as possible.
Halloween Contacts: Prepare to scare
We can't forget Halloween! We want you to take your costume to creepy new heights for our favorite holiday season of the year, and our Halloween colored contact lenses are sure to make any fancy dress costume stand out. We currently have 290 Halloween contact lenses to choose from, from our colored comic eye collection, cat and animal eye collection, zombie vampire demon collection, and more.
Removing contact lenses is often considered a daunting task. At Colored Contact Lenses in Removal, we have compiled a list of instructions on the proper way to properly remove colored contact lenses. Whether you are familiar with using colored contact lenses or not, this helpful step-by-step guide will help you understand the proper precautions to take.
Step1 : Wash your hands carefully! Very important!!! Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and dry them! - It is critical that you properly wash your hands and clean them before touching your eyes or colored contact lenses. By doing so, you will greatly reduce the risk of eye infections and the spread of unwanted eye bacteria. Past U.S. research has found that 93.5% of eye infections and redness from contact lenses come from direct handling of contact lenses with unclean hands. For longer-lasting contact lenses, such as monthly or annual contact lenses, we strongly recommend that you store your lenses in a sterilized lens case filled with an approved multi-purpose cleaning solution.
Step2: Gently separate your eyelids with your hands - very important, especially for prescription lenses, that you start with the same eye each time you come to remove your lenses. The process is simple, just gently pull the lower eyelid down and then pull the upper eyelid up so that the lashes are as close to the eyebrows as possible.
Step3: Carefully pinch your contact lens with your index finger and thumb - this step can be daunting, but as with anything, it takes practice. All you need to do is place your index finger and thumb on either side of the tinted contact lens and gently pinch - too much force can cause damage to the lens. You should feel the lens move between your fingers, which is perfectly normal and indicates that you have successfully acquired the lens.
Step4: Shift your eyes upwards and slide the contact lens down onto your index finger (you can also use our complimentary lens holder with silicone protection) - once you feel the contact lens between your thumb and index finger, the next step is to look up. When you do this, you will be able to smoothly slide the lens onto the white of your eye and then onto your finger. If you don't succeed the first time, don't panic! Gently repeat the process or ask someone close to you for help.Repeat on the other eye - As simple as it sounds, the next step is to repeat the process on your other eye!
Follow the proper and most appropriate care instructions to help protect your eye health and the usability of your colored contact lenses. Always ensure proper handling of colored contact lenses for daily use and store longer term contact lenses in approved solutions and sterilized protective cases, with regular protein anti-deposition treatments recommended.
Wearing colored contact lenses should be a fun and creative experience, but we always emphasize that eye health and safety are always the most important prerequisites! We should always take eye health seriously, as this can lead to accidents if unclean hands or lenses are not properly cleaned and maintained.
If you have never worn colored contact lenses before, it is recommended that you consult a dispensing optician or eye health professional before you consider purchasing colored contact lenses to ensure that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Not all eyes are suitable for contact lenses. There may be some unknown conditions related to hidden eye diseases or corneal sensitivity that can affect your ability to wear lenses. If you plan to wear colored contact lenses for an extended period of time, it is especially important to consult medical advice.
People with the following conditions should not wear our colored contact lenses, as these eye conditions may be further irritated by the insertion of the lenses.
    • Any eye infection (e.g. conjunctivitis)
    • Any corneal condition (e.g. keratitis)
    • Any allergic eye condition (e.g. hay fever)
    • Any chronic eye condition (e.g. glaucoma)
Once you have used the lenses, you should make sure you understand and follow all the details of cleaning and maintenance. Make sure you have all the knowledge you need to insert and remove your lenses before you wear them! Here are some things to know about colored contact lens safety
    • Before wearing/purchasing our lenses, consult your dispensing optician or ophthalmologist.
    • Whenever you handle lenses or try to insert/remove them, be sure to clean your hands completely and dry them.
    • Always soak your lenses in the solution for two hours before inserting them into your eyes.
    • If the lenses come in contact with anything other than your eyes, clean the lenses with the solution and check for scratched, broken lenses.
    • If your eyes feel dry, use vitamin drops, and if that does not relieve it, remove the lenses.
    • Please keep the lens case clean and change the eye care solution regularly.
    • Always remove the contacts before you go to bed, take a bath, shower or participate in water sports.
    • Remove the lenses if you experience any unexpected irritation, soreness or redness or excessive tearing.
    • If you notice any of the above, seek medical advice.
    • Do not use the lenses after the recommended use period (e.g. 1 day, 90 days, 1 year).
    • Keep the lenses away from heat and fire in the condition in which they are worn.
    • Do not use tap water, saliva or household products to clean the lenses, use only professional eye care solutions.
    • Do not expose the contacts to any cosmetic products, such as makeup, deodorant, hairspray.
    • Do not attempt to insert lenses that appear to be damaged, broken or torn or damaged in any way.
    • Do not insert more than one pair of lenses into your eyes at a time.
    • Do not share lenses with others.
Any uncertainties or concerns about using contact lenses should be discussed with your eye care professional or dispensing optician. Make sure you understand all the tips and tricks before you start wearing colored contact lenses. Most importantly, make sure you are happy wearing our colored contact lenses.
Many people think that putting in contact lenses for the first time seems like a scary process... don't be afraid! But believe us when we say it couldn't be easier. Although you may have a little difficulty the first few times you put your colored contacts in, you'll soon become familiar with them. It just takes a little more patience the first few times!
Before you start wearing contact lenses, make sure you have the following.
    • A clean contact lens case.
    • A bottle of contact lens cleaning solution.
We highly recommend that you soak your contact lenses in the solution for at least two hours before placing them in your eyes. This will both help protect your eyes and make it easier for the contact lenses to slip into place. Once you've done this, you're ready to go!
Step1: Remove your lenses - very important! Please wash and dry your hands thoroughly before removing your contact lenses from the case. It is recommended that you pick up the lenses with the index finger of your dominant hand (we recommend using the clip with the silicone case that we give you). Make sure the lens is placed in the correct way on your fingertips - bent outward (also on our complimentary contact lens holder bar). (It is sometimes difficult to tell if the lens is facing inward and outward, so be sure to check it before placing it in your eye.)
Step2: Lower your eyelid - With your other hand, open your eye. The best way to do this is to use your index finger to pull up on your upper eyelid and your thumb to push down on your lower eyelid. It's also a good idea to keep your index finger and thumb out of the way of your eyelashes, otherwise, your eyelashes could get stuck between the lens and your eye, which sucks!
Step3: Place the contact lens into your eye - look up at your eye, exposing the white, and then gently insert the contact lens. If you're not sure, look in the mirror. The first few times you do this, you may feel a strong urge to blink and a sense of fear - this is completely natural - but try to avoid doing this. If the contact lens is not worn correctly or is worn incorrectly, you should know immediately that it will probably come out when you blink.
Step4: Let the lens settle - Finally, close your eyes for a few seconds to let the lens settle. After that, check the mirror to see if it is going in correctly. If it does, then congratulations! You've done it! If it is slightly uncomfortable, lubricate with a drop of vitamin eye drops. Repeat the process in the other eye. Once it's done, you're done! Get out there and rock your new look!
If the process doesn't go well, or you find yourself having a hard time getting your contact lenses in, be willing to take a break so you don't overstimulate your eyes. Also, if you feel like they've dried out while trying to put them in, remember to reapply some contact solution to them or put a drop of vitamin drops in your eye!
It's also worth seeing an optometrist if you notice anything unusual when you put your lenses on. The health of your eyes is of the utmost importance! Of course we also provide a photo tutorial, please go to the wearing guide to see the photo tutorial.