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Cat Eye Contacts

White Red Cat Eye Contacts


Cat Eye Contacts

White Cat Eye Contacts

For an otherworldly gaze or ethereal stare, explore our premium collection of white contact lenses, offering a diverse range of styles perfect for Halloween and chilling costume parties. Enhance your look with a pair of white eye contacts and add a spine-chilling touch effortlessly! These frightful Halloween lenses are immensely popular for zombie costumes and monstrous Cosplay outfits.
In our view, nothing completes your Halloween or Cosplay ensemble with style quite like white colored lenses. These versatile lenses complement a wide range of costumes and themes, unlike any other color. Your imagination is the only limit—what eerie costumes can you conjure up?
You won’t believe the transformative power of a single white lens. The absence of a colored iris can be unnerving, creating an array of eerie effects in your appearance that is sure to garner attention wherever you go. If you want the scariest costume this year, a pair of completely white contacts is an absolute must-buy. Impress everyone with your new white colored contact lenses.


Within our white contact lens collection, you’ll discover an array of freaky and alternative styles. Many famous horror film creatures can be replicated with a pair of white-out eye contacts. Achieve the possessed look of Regan from The Exorcist or the menacing glare of undead characters from classics like Night of the Living Dead. These lenses are a must-have for zombie costumes inspired by films like 28 Days Later or TV shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead!
Spectral and skeletal beings also benefit from the striking effect of white eye contact lenses. Embrace the spiritual style in your spooky outfit ideas. Ghosts and ghouls will surely avoid your eerie gaze when you don a brand new pair of colored lenses. For an added level of impact, you can even opt for white UV lenses that glow under black light, making you stand out on the dance floor or at a midnight Halloween party.
Now that the gears of costume inspiration are turning, it’s time to match your ideas with the perfect white colored contacts. Take a look at our most popular white products—we believe there’s something for everyone, regardless of your fancy dress vision.
All White Contacts: In addition to lenses featuring intricate designs and spooky details, we offer pure white contacts that visually transform the appearance of your iris. These lenses are suitable even for those with brown eyes, thanks to their rich pigmentation and excellent coverage.
White Zombie Contact Lenses: Ideal for achieving an undead or possessed look, these lenses are favored by fans of zombie TV shows like The Walking Dead. Pair them with scary face paint, and you’ll instantly transform your appearance.
White Contacts No Pupil: Our range of Blind Contact Lenses is a seriously scary choice for any costume. These lenses completely cover both the iris and the pupil, creating a full white-out effect. Keep in mind that they significantly obscure your vision when worn, so plan your look accordingly.
Full White Eye Contacts: Styles like our white mini sclera lenses provide a visually enlarged iris, which, combined with the natural white of your sclera, creates an almost fully blanked-out effect. These lenses also partially cover the pupil, narrowing the black of your eye for an equally spooky finish. Complete your full-on effect with your very own white eye lenses.
If you require corrective contact lenses, we offer white prescription contact lenses in addition to our popular non-prescription styles. White is a highly sought-after color for the October season, which is why we’ve ensured a wide range of all-white options in our prescription Halloween contact lenses section. Finding the perfect lenses with your exact prescription is easy, even if you have different prescriptions for each eye. Discover your next pair of perfect lenses with the precise prescription to match.
In addition to single-color lens styles, we offer plenty of mixed-color lenses that are equally popular. Our customers love the hypnotic finish achieved with black and white contacts. Mixing in some red colors into the lens designs is always a popular choice, unlocking the potential for vampire, demon, and devil styles in your costume ensemble. And let’s not forget about blue! White blue contact lenses or white grey contact lenses add icy and steely stares to your looks, creating an even more dramatic impact.


Aside from the style and design of your lenses, there are several features and specifications to consider when selecting your new white costume contacts. At Colored Contacts, we are well-versed in colored contacts and can provide guidance on the features of each white lens. The duration of wear is a crucial consideration for our customers. Whether you need white lenses for a short-term or long-term use, there’s a perfect pair for you.
Since white lenses are primarily popular for costumes and one-time events, many people prefer single-use contact lenses. These lenses are designed for one day or one night of use before disposal. So, if you’re shopping specifically for October 31st, daily contact lenses are the best option. Halloween only happens once a year, so ensure you have the lenses readyfor the big night!
If you’re looking for white contacts that can be reused for multiple occasions, we also offer reusable contact lenses. These lenses can be worn for up to 90 days, depending on the specific lens and your eye care routine. Reusable lenses require proper cleaning and maintenance, including storing them in a contact lens case with a disinfecting solution.
When it comes to comfort, it’s essential to choose lenses that are made from high-quality materials and have a good water content. Our white contact lenses are crafted using FDA-approved materials, ensuring safety and comfort for your eyes. However, it’s crucial to follow proper hygiene practices, such as washing your hands before handling the lenses and avoiding sleeping or swimming with them.
Before purchasing white contact lenses, it’s recommended to consult with an eye care professional or optometrist. They can assess your eye health, provide a prescription if needed, and offer guidance on wearing and caring for contact lenses safely.
Remember, white contact lenses are a fantastic way to elevate your Halloween or Cosplay look, but it’s essential to prioritize your eye health and safety. With the right care and precautions, you can enjoy a mesmerizing and eerie appearance with your white-colored contacts. Happy haunting!

Real Reviews

As an experienced coser, white contact lenses and red contact lenses are undoubtedly the most effective colors for Halloween or cosplay. If you want to make your character more realistic, this is the right choice and we strongly recommend white contact lenses.

- Madelyn

Playing zombie or other demonic roles, white contact lenses are the best choice, while purchasing colored contact lenses at this store is always my first choice. Once again, I tell everyone that this place is always cheap and of high quality, love it!

- Savannah

I bought the colored contact lenses and am very satisfied with its design. It’s very pretty and I will recommend it to friends. ?

- Aurora

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