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Special Halloween Contacts

Colorful Rainbow Halloween Contacts

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Why Blue Contacts Make You So Captivating

Let’s face it, eyes are the windows to the soul. When you want to make a mesmerizing first impression or portray a captivating persona, eye color matters. Blue eyes in particular possess an alluring, magnetic quality that turns heads.

The cool, brilliant hue of blue contacts stands out against the natural colors found in most irises. Blue contact lenses lend an air of mystery and depth to your gaze. Unlike warm brown or common hazel eyes, blue oculars come across as exotic and special.

Vivid blue contacts also accentuate other facial features beautifully. Blues balance and complement eyeshadow, especially shades like silvery lavender, shimmery grays, and iridescent taupes. Blue contact lenses make the whites of your eyes crisply pronounced, letting you highlight and enlarge eyes with makeup.

Of all the dazzling eye tints provided by colored contact lens brands, blue emerges as the universally flattering choice that flatters a wide variety of complexions and hair colors. Blue oculars pair effortlessly with blonde, brown, black, and red locks.

Social psychology studies also indicate that people perceive blue eyes as more attractive. This may be rooted in their comparative rarity. Only about 8% of the global population naturally possesses blue irises. Their uniqueness translates to heightened attractiveness.

In short, donning a pair of blue contact lenses can lend you an instant air of magnetism and beauty. Let these aquatic-hued contacts infuse your eyes with mystery and vibrance. Find your most stunning look with the transformative power of blue lenses!

Why Shop Blue Contacts Online With Colored-Contacts.us

Once you’ve decided to try captivating blue colored contact lenses, you’ll need to select a retailer. For the best prices, selection, and shopping experience, we recommend the online retailer Colored-Contacts.us for purchasing blue contacts and other colored lenses. Here are some key reasons to shop with them:

Unbeatable Prices
Colored-Contacts.us offers extremely competitive pricing on top colored contact brands. Bulk discounts are also available for large orders, helping you save money. Since you’ll wear contacts for several months, affordability is key.

Huge Selection
With over 100 unique colored contact options, you can find the perfect blue or other custom color. Mix and match different brands and shades of blue lenses to create your ideal look. Many specialty lens effects like color gradients and jewel tones are also available.

Reliable Shipping
Expect your contacts to arrive within 7-15 business days in discreet, secure packaging. Rush 1-2 day processing and delivery is available for an additional fee. The company ships domestically and internationally from the United States.

Convenient Ordering
Order any time of day on the user-friendly website or mobile app. Check out as a guest or create an account to save payment info and reorder with just 1-click. The buying process is smooth and hassle-free.

Superior Customer Service
Contact the helpful 24/7 support team with questions any time before or after purchase. Colored-Contacts.us prioritizes each customer’s satisfaction and aims to resolve issues promptly.

Safe, Comfortable Lenses
Only top major brands like Johnson & Johnson and CooperVision are sold, so expect lasting comfort, clarity, and safety. Plus, Blue Colored Contacts uses durable, vibrant color technology approved by the FDA.

By purchasing your blue colored contact lenses online through retailer Colored-Contacts.us, you gain access to the hottest lens styles and latest releases at affordable prices, with convenient ordering and shipping.

Complementing Your Look With Blue Contacts

The right makeup and hair choices can harmonize beautifully with your blue contacts and really make their color pop. Here are some tips for accentuating and complementing your blue colored contact lenses:

Hair Color Pairings
Avoid matching your blue contacts to your hair color exactly. However, sticking with a cool-toned hair color palette of platinum blonde, ash brown, black, violet, and blue-based reds will make the lenses stand out cleanly. Warm auburns and strawberry blondes can make blue oculars appear dull and muted. Ask your stylist for an ashy toner.

Eyeshadow Colors
On eyes, apply silvery taupes, frosty mauves, shimmery grays and lavenders that contrast flatteringly with the blue lenses. Avoid clashy shades like copper or orange. For definition, trace eyes with navy or slate pencil eyeliner and finish with mascara.

Lipstick and Blush Shades
With dramatic eyes, keep cheeks and lips neutral to avoid looking overdone. Try a matte nude-pink lip with a touch of peach blush. Or go bold with a blue-based cherry red lip when you want to play up the blue eyes. Skip warm reds and corals.

Brows and Highlight
Fill and define brows with an ashy taupe pencil so they don’t compete with your eyes. Highlight cheekbones with a pearly ivory glow.

Putting Together An Outfit
Cool-toned hues of blue, purple, green, gray, and metallics enhance your blue contacts. Incorporate these shades into your wardrobe choices. Avoid jarring orange and yellow tones. White tops will make eyes pop.

With some coordinated makeup, hair, and wardrobe picks, your new blue colored contact lenses will really make their stunning impact known. Have fun playing with colors and textures that sync or contrast with your custom blue eyes.

In conclusion, vibrant blue contact lenses are a fun way to add striking beauty and magnetism to your look. Choosing the top rated online retailer Colored-Contacts.us ensures an affordable, convenient purchasing experience. Pair your new contacts with coordinated makeup, hair and fashion choices to create a head-turning but balanced finished look. Bring out the mesmerizing, confident you with blue colored contact lenses ordered online!

Real Reviews

I have been wearing these Blue Contact Lenses from colored-contacts.us on a daily basis for the past 3 months as part of my work attire. As a public relations manager, I am often required to make a polished first impression. The subtle blue tint enhances my eye color without appearing unnatural or causing discomfort during long meetings and events. The lenses are constructed from high-quality materials and formulated to maintain clarity and optimal ocular wellness. I would certainly counsel clients to consider them for professional applications where a modest enhancement can yield dividends.

- Lynn

Dude, you gotta try these blue contacts! I was never really into messing with my natural eye color before but man, these things are cool. They make my brown eyes look wicked with just the right hint of blue. Plus they’re super comfortable – I play ball in them and don’t even notice. Best of all, chicks dig the new look. Overall a fun way to change up your appearance without much hassle. Totally recommended!

- Leena

OMG you guys HAVE to try these amazing BLUE contact lenses! I was super skeptical at first but now I am OBSESSED. They make my brown eyes just POP with such a pretty azure hue. And they’re insanely comfortable – I forget I even have them in. Plus the color is so natural-looking, no one can even tell they’re not my real eye color. Best purchase ever! I will definitely be stocking up on more colors from this brand. If you want to add a little something special to your look without much effort, these babies are totally for you! ❤️

- Alisa

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